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What You Need to Know About Eyelid Lift Surgery

Eyelid lift surgery, that is technically referred to as blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic approach where sagging eyelids are altered in order that they no longer sag.The eyelid sagging is caused by aging or even the fat accumulating in the eyelid which makes them droopy as well as heavy, this kind of eyelid lift surgery is becoming popular as individuals are becoming more concerned on their look.

There also exists some reasons that are medical for opting the surgery for eyelid lift also, this is to reduce the eye as well as the eyelid irritation, and for this reason it should not only be taken as a cosmetic surgery.Whether the surgery is performed for medical or cosmetic reason, the results are the same which include a tighter, youthful appearing eyelids which are no longer rolling, sagging or cause any type of eye discomfort.

The two most important factors why persons get eyelid lift surgical procedure are since they either have saggy lower eyelids and heavy, droopy upper eyelids and they dont like the way in which it looks, or because they’ve droopy, heavy higher eyelids that cling over the upper eyelashes and affecting peripheral vision or causing irritation.

Whichever the case, the process of removing the excess fat and skin from the area of eyelid can enhance this condition in a great way, and thus creating a youthful appearance and eliminating the problem of lids that are oversized and which hang within the vision field.

There exist various procedures for eyelid lift which are commonly performed, though this is determined by the magnitude of trouble spots and if the condition is affecting the upper or lower eyelid or both of them.

The blepharoplasty on the lower side is the most commonly done procedure for the eyelid since it extracts as well as redoes the bags which are under the eye, that is very common.This surgery can be performed in various ways including the transconjuctival blepharoplasty, where there is an incision done on the inner eyelid and the extra tissue and fat is extracted and leave no externa scar that is visible.Lower eyelid lift is also done through an incision under the eyelash so that the extra skin an also be eliminated.

The upper side blepharoplasty is performed in order to make right the eyelids that are heavy and drooping and will involve an incision that is made in the crease of the lid to remove the skin which is excess , as well as the removal of additional tissues and fats in the eyelids. On some occasions a brow lift shall be carried out along with the eyelid surgery as well, specifically if the brow adds to the amount of slump happening with the upper side eyelids.

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